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Student Account Access

Find answers to questions related to your student College Board account.

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College Board ID

Learn about the importance of having a College Board ID and how you can access it.

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Email Preferences

Find information on how to change your email preferences—for both students and education professionals.

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Professional Account Access

Find answers to questions related to your professional College Board account.

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SAT Suite of Assessments

Admission Ticket

Learn how to access and print your SAT admission ticket for test day.

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Rescheduling a Test

Get help on how to change your SAT registration information or reschedule your test date after you register.

Change Registration


Find out if you’re eligible to receive a refund if you cancel your SAT registration before or on test day.

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College Application Fee Waivers

Find answers to questions about college application fee waivers and if you’re eligible to receive one.

Review Fee Waiver FAQ

BigFuture Scholarships

Review frequently asked questions about BigFuture scholarship opportunities, eligibility requirements, dates and deadlines, and more.

Review Scholarship FAQ

BigFuture Applying to College

Get answers to some of the most common questions asked about the college application process.

Review College Application FAQ

BigFuture College Costs

Find out the cost of college tuition and other expenses you’ll need to consider when paying for college.

Review College Costs FAQ


Ordering Help

Get help with AP exam ordering, returning unused exams, shipping details, and more.

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Course Audit

Review this help center to get answers to questions about AP Course Audit policies and procedures, course requirements, technical help, and more.

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In-School Digital AP Exams

Administering a digital AP exam? Get answers to frequently asked questions about administration planning, technology requirements, and more.

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AP Number

Learn how your AP number serves as your official identifier for the AP exams and where you can find it.

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