What are the required steps to continue downloading K–12/HED scores using the automated web service?

Beginning June 18, College Board is updating all professional accounts, and users will need to log in using an email address instead of a username. Users who call the automated web service to download scores in the K–12 or HED reporting portals need to do the following:

  1. Review your professional account profile and ensure the email address is active and isn’t associated with any other College Board account. 
    • If multiple accounts share an email address, each account will need its own unique and valid email address. 
    • Be sure the account used to call the automated web service has a unique (not associated with other professional accounts) AND active (can receive emails) email address.
  2. On June 18, complete the following 3 steps:
    • Log in to College Board
    • Follow the prompts to update the account and verify the account email address. 
    • Update the process used to call the web service to use the College Board professional account email address and password, replacing the current (or old) username and password.